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provided with adequately dimensioned maintenance supports. These are captively connected to the lifting table by means of a hinge. Scissor frame The scissors as a carrying and guiding device in full steel design are dimensioned with a high safety factor in order to achieve the greatest possible rigidity. Leveling and anchor plates The leveling and anchor plates arranged on the base frame enable the lifting table to be aligned and fastened without additional relining. At Neodymium you not only get first-class lifting technology, but also the best possible support for the entire process of your projects. From planning to spare parts supply, we are at your side as a competent partner and consultant. Advice and planning Our engineers and designers have experience in many different industries and can usually tell you in advance exactly what is possible and what is not. This saves you unnecessary routes, research and a lot of time in the planning phase. The plus in quality, performance & safety Transparent construction We work closely with our clients right from the design phase. This way you are always informed about the status quo. Necessary decisions can be coordinated quickly and easily. A permanent contact person Every project is accompanied cylinder magnet Here are some of the magnet manufacturers names you should look for:Always read the reviews of the specific magnet before making a purchase to see how others have rated it.by a competent and permanent contact person who is informed at all times about the progress of the work. Transparent production We do not have any webcams with which you can follow the production process of your lifting system live. You can rely on our word for this – and above all that we will let you know in good time should the process fall behind at any point. On-time delivery and proper assembly If your lifting system requires special final assembly and commissioning, this will of course be carried out by our service technicians. And on time and reliably, whether around the corner or overseas. Service Despite the high operational reliability and availability of Neodymium lifting systems, a malfunction can never be ruled out completely. In this case, our technicians will be at your location as quickly as possible. Spare parts with maximum availability Downtime costs time and money. Neodymium therefore relies on first-class spare parts supply. Neodymium original spare parts are available promptly for all constructions. They alone offer the necessary security for smooth operation. Maintenance To ensure the long-term operational safety of