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Neodymium Maschinen- und Apparatebau GmbH was founded in 1979 by Dieter Brinkmeyer (†) and partner in Espelkamp. From a pure lift table manufacturer, Neodymium quickly developed into a specialist for customized solutions. The company is still owned by Annemarie and Nina Brinkmeyer under the management of Dietmar Lagemann. Customer-specific lifting systems Neodymium offers tailor-made solutions – thanks to its competence in design, quality and design. Customers benefit from the know-how of our engineers in various industries: wood processing industry Sheet fabricating industry Automotive Industry Aerospace Industry air cargo railway technology Paper industry Handling machinery general machinery and plant engineering Neodymium is a member of
Neodymium characterized by lifting systems, the robust, durable and above all safe. The entire process for product creation is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008. Generous cylinder magnet Here are some of the magnet manufacturers names you should look for:Always read the reviews of the specific magnet before making a purchase to see how others have rated it.dimensions The heart of production is our plant in Espelkamp. Powerful lifting systems with a lifting capacity of up to 120 t are manufactured there. Construction with 3D CAD systems 7,500 m² production area with modern crane systems CNC-controlled production machines computer-controlled high-bay warehouse for short terms modern painting system for individual coloring Transparent processes Quality at Neodymium begins with the selection of reliable suppliers and high-quality materials. Through the direct networking of design and manufacturing, errors are reduced to an absolute minimum. We document every production step with the greatest care. Manufacturing technology at its best Tested safety All technical parameters are continuously checked during production. The lifting system is loaded with test weights during final acceptance. We record all results precisely in an acceptance report. Qualified employees Our products are only as good as the people who manufacture them. We therefore place great value on team players who think along the way and invest in their training and further education. MANUFACTURING Manufacturing technology in top form The Neodymium quality advantage is an expression of our high standards. The benchmarks are unlimited precision, safety and functionality of the products. At a glance: the technical advantages of an exemplary Neodymium lifting system: Track rollers The roller-bearing, maintenance-free and nitride-hardened rollers run on wear rails in the top and base frames. The seals used enable use under difficult environmental conditions. Hydraulic cylinder suspensions The quick-change support of the hydraulic cylinders developed by Neodymium is very easy to maintain. As a result, extremely short downtimes can be achieved when installing and removing the hydraulic cylinders. Upper frame The upper frame is made from closed hollow profiles using gauges. The solid dimensioning takes place according to the individual load cases. Base frame The base frame is designed as a self-supporting unit. Subsequent pouring as support is not necessary. Hydraulic power unit Thanks to the hydraulics that are optimally tailored to the application, an economical output selection is made. The hydraulic design ranges from simple valve technology to closed control loops. Here, high-quality components from well-known manufacturers are used. Real class is shown in the details Loading lugs The loading lugs arranged on the base frame enable problem-free handling of the lifting table. Technical advantages of bearing points All bearing points in Neodymium lifting tables are maintenance-free. In addition, spherical bearings (spherical bearings) are used in all joints, which can compensate for tilt angles. The sealing used makes it possible to use it even under adverse environmental influences. Maintenance supports Neodymium lifting tables are